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Easily Convert Gmail MBOX to PST in Just A Few Steps!

Gmail MBOX file allows you to save all your emails in a single MBOX file. But for Mac and Windows Outlook users, there is a problem with that – they cannot open Gmail MBOX file in Outlook. It requires them to export Gmail to PST file.

But most MBOX to PST converters don’t work properly. They are either very hard to use, don’t have essential features, or do not convert data accurately into PST files.

Therefore, USL Software brought to you a perfect tool that has a friendly interface, equipped with all necessary features, and runs an advanced algorithm to ensure MBOX file is converted completely. It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro.”

Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac utility that:

  • Converts multiple MBOX files to PST in one take
  • Converts text from inside emails in any language, including double-byte characters used in languages like Chinese and Japanese.
  • Maps the folder hierarchy to PST files as it was with MBOX
  • Converts data very quickly (1GB of MBOX can usually be converted to PST in less than 10 minutes)
  • Allows you to manually un-mark the folders inside your MBOX file that you don’t want to convert

Get ready to experience the best MBOX to PST converter currently. Download the free trial version you will not be disappointed.

For more details:


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